Friday, April 17, 2015

I'm Back!

Well, what a year it's been! I didn't really intend to take a year off of blogging but that seems to be what happened. I got a little distracted by a few small things like a major gut renovation project, moving house 3 times and, oh yes, and having a baby! As that baby approaches his 6 month birthday and we finally have a break in our endless stream of house guests I am carving out some time to get back to work and focus on trying to get my routine back to a new sort of normal. I am setting up studio in a small room in our new apartment and am very excited to finally get back to producing some new work.

To kick of this new era of my blog I wanted to post a link to the Micah Challenge page as they have recently used my knotted gun sketch for their new campaign aimed at resolving conflict without violence. You can read all about this great campaign here...

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